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News is that the weatherpixies shall return one day. Hopefully soon. I miss my boys (& having the current temp so handy!).
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  • So yeah, when I woke up today at 5:30am, it was 14 degrees.
    It's now 8:30am and it's STILL 14 degrees, but is now also SNOWING!

  • And if anyone is interested, the *Red Space* is gone and has been replaced by purple butterflies. Just time for a change, you know?

  • Also, boy cat stole my watch while I was sleeping the other day. Watch has been located & retrieved. He'd knocked it under the printer table. Silly silly boy cat!
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    Yesterday morning it was 66 degrees here, Chris J was in shorts!
    This morning, it's 32 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Chris J has his mittens, cap & scarf on!
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    Happy belated Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] poetrychik! I hope it was fabulous!

    And looky, Chris J & Justy not only have their Christmas trees up, they both have full moons!
    (my weatherpixies)
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    My weatherpixies have returned, YAY!

    *happy dance*


    Jun. 5th, 2008 05:28 pm
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    My weatherpixies have returned! They've been gone for days and that makes me strangely sad. And woohoo, Chris J is going shirtless & Justy is sporting shorts, shades & a tank top!
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    Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] puszysty for the CD! It came a few days ago when I was here, there & everywhere except home at my computer!

    Kittens are being silly. No suprise there. CK is now much bigger than JC, so when he's getting a little too aggressive when they wrestle, she races to me and leaps into my lap for safety. Not sure what she does when I'm not home.

    I now have poison ivy or something from working on the overgrowth at the old house a couple days ago. I'm highly allergic. Fun. NOT!

    I guess Chris J & Justy (my weatherpixies) are tired of the rain, too. I haven't seen them for 3-4 days! *wails*
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    According to Chris J & Justy (my weatherpixies), this is the 2nd day in a row where it's warmer in Chicago than here. Not fair! *G*

    Where officially had 8.4" of snow between Thursday afternoon & Friday morning.

    I shoveled, therefore I am sore.
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    9:00am: warm & sunny, 50 degrees (10C)
    11:00am: Partly Cloudy
    Noon: Record HIGH! 73 degrees! (23C)
    1:00pm: High winds, 40mph+ (64 km/hr)
    1:30pm: Cloudy all over
    2:00pm: Hail
    2:15pm: Rain
    3:00pm: 42 degrees (5C), a temp drop of 30 degrees in 3 hours
    5:00pm: 21 degrees (-6C), a temp drop of 50 degrees in 5 hours
    6:00pm: Severe winds, snow squalls (not *flurries*, but *squalls*!)

    According to my weather pixies Chris J, it's 18 degrees (-7C) and snowing here (at 7:30pm). Too bad they can't show the high winds. It's been LOUD in the house, as I'm atop a hill. The kittens sat at the sliding door for at least 30 minutes earlier watching everything blow around and listening to the wind noises blowing around the house.

    So we've had about every type of weather today that we normally have in weeks/months/whatever, and we're expecting *heavy snows* for Thursday/Friday. And oh, this is so NOT usual for this area.
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    Looks like about 1-2 inches so far. Look how cute the weather pixies are with their snowflakes! The weather man says the second wave of the storm will come through tonight, expected to dump another 5-8 inches. That's more snow than we've seen in a couple years. I think we got a TOTAL of 3 inches all last year.

    Have tweaked SeSa story but still think it sucks donkey balls. It's been sent out for a second opinion *crosses fingers*.

    I should be around most of today (might take a snow drive for an hour or two) and tomorrow morning if anyone needs any help with SeSa stuff. Mel? Jilly? How are you guys doing?

    How cute

    Dec. 9th, 2007 07:12 pm
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    They weren't there when I left for dinner, but when I returned, I see that Chris J & Justy (my weather pixies) have put up their Christmas trees!

    I am not looking forward to going into work tomorrow, but I will. I must. I just don't want to.

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