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Hmmm, I usually do this post way earlier, LOL. I didn't even know the season had started until I stumbled over it on week 2.

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I've been catching a few episodes of Criminal Minds since watching it in California. Love that Morgan. Very nice watching him run and tackle someone. I like most of the main cast. Next to Morgan, Hotch comes in as a close second. I was thinking he looked familiar and it turns out he's Greg, from Greg And Dharma, LOL. I've begun noticing some familiar guest actors from NCIS, such as M Alison Hart (Rena Sofer) was on one episode, Holly Snow (Dina Meyer) was on another, the bomb tech from the episode short fuse (Abby Brammell), also Mike Franks (Muse Watson). I recognized Lola Glaudini in the first season from Certain Prey. And there seem to be other familiar faces. I'm really surprised to see how many people guest starred on Monk! I was watching a re-run the other day and saw Michelle Lee (Liza Lapira) on it.

I may have to buy a few seasons of Criminal Minds so I can see them in order. This does not mean I will ever write Criminal Minds fanfic, LOL. (I just don't get a slashy vibe from it!)
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Dog The Bounty Hunter has been pulled!!! *GASP*

Yeah, I know what he said was awful, awful, awful. I haven't heard the tape, nor do I really want to. Some people speak differently when they speak to family members than when speaking in public. Was it taken out of context? What are his true feelings and intent? Was that the real tape? Did he know he was being recorded. Is he not *innocent* until proven guilty?

I can't say whether I agree with the decision to pull the show...or not...unless I learn more about the incident. Maybe he did screw up, but no one is perfect. We've all said and done things I'm sure we wished we hadn't. And yes, it certainly does not make it right, nor does it excuse poor behavior.

One of the sadder things is, he seemed to be a much better role model for young people, than a lot of other *role models* that are out there.

And now, not only is Flower gone, but so is Mozart. *weeps*
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On the writing front, I've just posted chapters 14-16 of The Chariot Race over at [livejournal.com profile] syncalot, which leaves the final chapters to be posted next week. I have enough of Of Champions And Lovers to post through November, but it looks like I need to either get my ass in gear and start writing more or post fewer chapters each week. I have managed to write about 1000 words this week and every litte bit helps.

For now I'm catching up with all the Meerkat Manor episodes for the season, so far anyway.
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Cut for possible Meerkat Manor spoilerage...

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