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  • I have found my lost sock! The NEW one that I thought I'd lost the 2nd time I washed it. It was stuck to a sweatshirt I sometimes sleep in.

  • I have a new bracelet that boycat likes to try to steal.

  • I made a lovely stirfry the other night, as I'm attempting to eat more *fresh* foods and less pre-packaged stuff.

  • I also made a nice little thing of scrambled eggs with vegetarian (Morning Star) sausage and cheese in it. It turned out quite tasty.

  • I've been trying a few teas I'd bought. They're quite nice. One is very relaxing and tends to put me to sleep after I drink it. My favorite so far is a Rooibos or red tea. And I managed to not buy any Oolong in my first lot so I MUST remember next time I order.

  • I'm not so taken with Lance's new hair, but find the scarf he's wearing quite interesting. It doesn't look like something one would purchase, but more like something that was made for him by mom/sister/grandma/JC/boyfriend. I really like seeing people who can afford anything wearing something that was handmade by friends/relatives.

  • Does Lance really think NSync will reunite for sure, or is that simply wishful thinking?
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    I just spent $200 on teas, tea pots, tea tins & tea cups.

    *face palm*

    Thankfully, this *should* hold me for a bit, right? And you only replace the tea because the tea pots, tea tins & tea cups are good until you break them. *sigh*


    Dec. 29th, 2008 06:08 am
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    I used to drink tea nearly daily, then stopped. I'm not sure why. At any rate, I've found a lovely tea shop when I was out shopping for a Christmas gift for my mom. It got me to wondering why I stopped drinking tea pretty much. Anyway, I went into my pantry and threw out some really old tea that my brother had left behind (I tried it & it was bad, *bleh*). Then I found some lemon green tea, so I'm drinking that now, until it's gone. Then I must *find* my tea kettle & tea pot and free them from their box in the basement.

    This tea shop sells loose tea only, so I shall need some new accoutrements, including new tea pots (because each type of tea needs its own pot), tea containers (which I've never had because the tea I've always gotten before is in a teabag) and perhaps some new tea cups (since I actually use coffee mugs to drink from. Hey, I don't drink coffee!). Anyway, I shall scout out some of their enticing flavors and ease myself back into the world of tea.

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