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Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who participated! And yeah, I was going to do this a while ago & got distracted by other things, so here you go!

When you get FB, you prefer to see: (pick all that apply)
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When you give FB: (pick all that apply)
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How do you feel about public comments & reviews? (pick all that apply)
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When you give FB: (choose one answer)
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Who do you tend to send FB to: (choose one answer)
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If anyone wants to go back to read the *Other: add comments below* comments, the poll is here: http://solariana.livejournal.com/40446.html
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Yeah, like I could ever get more than 1-2 things done in a day. HA!

So, my list from yesterday:
Tag July-September 2007 at shinyandnew
Clean & straighten the new house
Yard work at the old house
Call my brother
Write more of the Slave Fic
Write more of my new bunny
Write more of my lynncest bunny
Play with the Kittens
Take a walk/hike

I started out writing a bit of the new bunny, with full intentions of moving on to the lyncest bunny, then the slave fic, but *sigh*, only managed new bunny.
I did tag July-Sept at [livejournal.com profile] shinyandnew
I called my brother
of course I played with the kittens! LOL
and also messed around with a new project

Looks like 4 out of 6

Today I went to do yard work at the old house and found a huge, like 30 foot branch down, so I have to go back tomorrow with saws and rope. More to do, always more to do.
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If you wrote more than one story, please refer to your origninal recipient in regards to the poll.

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