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New community is looking for betas!

[community profile] beta_search

Please spread the word so we can find help for authors seeking to hone their skills.
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[livejournal.com profile] art_my_fic is a place where writers can ask for help from artists, or artists can offer their help to writers.

This is multi-fandom, so all are welcome.

Please spread the word to any fandom artists or authors who may be interested. This is the sort of community that will only work with participation, so we need members to make this happen.


Jan. 25th, 2015 03:32 pm
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I'm always interested in ways to make LJ more fun and active. I haven't seen a friendship meme/drive in quite a while. Is there anyone you have friended that you think would fit in as a friend for me? If so, let me know!

Also pimping a couple of communities run by my dear friend [personal profile] naemi:

[community profile] fffc is Froday Flash Fiction Challenge:
Every Froday will bring you a new prompt. Everyone is welcome to participate. All fandoms, pairings, ratings and genres are fair game, as is real person fiction. We also love original fanworks.


[profile] bunnybash :
[personal profile] naemi's LJ version of an ask box. Sort of. Only that it's for prompts only and that everyone can see and fill them.

There is also a new NCIS community, [profile] tibbs_bunnies:
"This is a place to create art & share ideas to inspire fic writers. Tibbs would be ideal but any slash will do..."

Plenty of fun things for writers and readers to check out!

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