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Woke up today with bruises on my inner thigh. No idea how they got there. Either bumped into something oddly, was carrying something oddly or one of the cats must have leapt forcefully off my lap. Probably the latter and the big boy cat.

Using my tiny portable DVD player to watch Twilight episode and found there is a one touch button to change the language to spanish. Could be helpful if I ever learn enough spanish to watch an episode that way. Out of curiousity, I will have to run it to see what Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee's voices sound like.

An odd note in the episode, when Tony starts running toward the fire escape, he has a rifle in his hand. Then it disappears. He doesn't have it when he's climbing. He doesn't have it on the rooftop. Did he just leave an unsecured loaded shotgun lying around an alleyway? YIKES!
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Michael, the Police Officer was laid to rest on Tuesday. There's a Firefighter, Leonard, who is/was responsible to prepare fire trucks used in parades and funerals, draping them in American Flags. My father knew him and spoke to him on Tuesday at Michael's funeral. On Wednesday, Leonard was killed, shot.

A 19 year old had carjacked a family at gunpoint, crashed that car. Carjacked a second car at gunpoint, crashed that. Leonard was off-duty & on his way home, but still wearing his uniform, when he came across this second accident. He stopped to help. He was shot in the chest, and later died. The 19 year old took Leonard's car and crashed that. The police were able to track him down after his 4th carjacking attempt of the night. When he fired on the police, they shot and killed him.

Michael's alleged killer has also been apprehended. I also found out that Michael was shot after his shift officially ended. He was concerned about a fellow officer who is a diabetic and insisted on watching the post while the other officer ate something. Again, killed while doing something nice and caring. This is just unbelievable.

RIP Leonard.
The world has lost another angel, a mentor to those you worked with & those who knew you.
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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] puszysty for the CD! It came a few days ago when I was here, there & everywhere except home at my computer!

Kittens are being silly. No suprise there. CK is now much bigger than JC, so when he's getting a little too aggressive when they wrestle, she races to me and leaps into my lap for safety. Not sure what she does when I'm not home.

I now have poison ivy or something from working on the overgrowth at the old house a couple days ago. I'm highly allergic. Fun. NOT!

I guess Chris J & Justy (my weatherpixies) are tired of the rain, too. I haven't seen them for 3-4 days! *wails*
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Yeah, like I could ever get more than 1-2 things done in a day. HA!

So, my list from yesterday:
Tag July-September 2007 at shinyandnew
Clean & straighten the new house
Yard work at the old house
Call my brother
Write more of the Slave Fic
Write more of my new bunny
Write more of my lynncest bunny
Play with the Kittens
Take a walk/hike

I started out writing a bit of the new bunny, with full intentions of moving on to the lyncest bunny, then the slave fic, but *sigh*, only managed new bunny.
I did tag July-Sept at [livejournal.com profile] shinyandnew
I called my brother
of course I played with the kittens! LOL
and also messed around with a new project

Looks like 4 out of 6

Today I went to do yard work at the old house and found a huge, like 30 foot branch down, so I have to go back tomorrow with saws and rope. More to do, always more to do.
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I signed up to help tag at [livejournal.com profile] shinyandnew (as [livejournal.com profile] syncalot). I finished Jan-Mar 2007. *happy dances*

I've been in a funk all week, which I'm finally moving out of.

Had a heart to heart with my boss. Good things between us. He adores me, you know! *G*
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With no pizza left, I settled for a *sigh* apple for breakfast. Since that wasn't quite as satisfying as pizza, I followed up with a nice helping of Rocky Road ice cream! :)

Then I noticed kitty was no longer by the space heater, so I looked for her in her normal places. Unable to find her, I returned to the bedroom and found her curled up on the bed. Awww, so cute! So I curled up with her for napping.

Watched a few episodes of I Love Lucy on TV Land while snuggling with kitty.

Then went back online to chat a bit and here comes kitty, jumping into my lap and lounging like a lion in a tree.

Now she's back to her spot on the bed. Pretty sleepy kitty.
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I missed my weather pixie from the other journal, so he's back! Chris J is proudly displaying the weather where I live and he has a (yet to be named) buddy to keep him company *G*. His new friend displays the weather in Chicago.

I subtitled my fic journal ;)

Kitty is blissfully zonked out in front of the space heater (which I turned off a few minutes ago, hee!)

I have relented. After a bit of poking and prodding from a couple people, I did sign up for MTYG this morning. What can I say? I'm easy like that! Let the jitters begin.

I bought a pizza last night and was delighting in the thought of pizza for breakfast, but no, I ate it ALL last night. *sigh*

Also posted Chapters 5-7 of Of Champions And Lovers at [livejournal.com profile] syncalot this morning. With each week's posting, it brings me closer to doomsday, the day when I have nothing new to post *facepalm*. When I started posting this as a series, I was soooooo certain I could finish it by the end of the year, but now I'm not so sure. Time will tell.
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YAY! [livejournal.com profile] turps33 mail! I think it took the scenic route here, maybe a world tour even, but it's here!

Thanks, Sweetie!

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I've survived wave 1 of the ice storms with power intact. Wave 2 expected today & wave 3 to follow tomorrow. No snow expected, just ice, ice & more ice.

I find myself sad that I have 100 icon slots & only 1 icon loaded. I must set time aside to load up some sparkly icons and such. They'll probably be the familiar ones from the other journals, because I'm much too lazy busy to make new ones.

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