Aug. 31st, 2014 06:43 am
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So I saw the NCIS promo for the first episode S12.


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I posted the list of NCIS cast favorite episodes over at [ profile] popspam and unlocked it in case anyone was interested. I noted which cast member chose the episodes and their comments on why the episode is a favorite. No favorites from Mark Harmon? *sobs* I found the comments online and added a bonus episode to the list that wasn't part of the recent USA airing of cast favorites, but was something I found when I was searching.
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Loved tonight's episode (Tim should have known Diane was nothing but trouble!), but next week, we actually get to see Tony's apartment? Can't wait!
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Woke up today with bruises on my inner thigh. No idea how they got there. Either bumped into something oddly, was carrying something oddly or one of the cats must have leapt forcefully off my lap. Probably the latter and the big boy cat.

Using my tiny portable DVD player to watch Twilight episode and found there is a one touch button to change the language to spanish. Could be helpful if I ever learn enough spanish to watch an episode that way. Out of curiousity, I will have to run it to see what Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee's voices sound like.

An odd note in the episode, when Tony starts running toward the fire escape, he has a rifle in his hand. Then it disappears. He doesn't have it when he's climbing. He doesn't have it on the rooftop. Did he just leave an unsecured loaded shotgun lying around an alleyway? YIKES!

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