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"I do not want to kill anyone. Now take off your clothes." Mark Harmon in Tuareg

I've mentioned this one before, a 1984 film starring Mark Harmon. Watching it makes me wonder what sort of bet Mark lost to get stuck in this film. It's really impossible to take seriously. Especially considering the stuffed cheetah attack (ooo scary!). The dialog sounds like it was written in Italian, then translated into English by someone whose first language certainly is not English. My favorite line from the movie is: "I do not want to kill anyone. Now take off your clothes."

Um, yeah. It's a movie that makes you say/think WTF??? quite often. It's Italian, sort of a Spaghetti Eastern. Lots of Harmon eyes, although (with few exceptions) all you get are his eyes. Mostly he's wrapped in black from head to toe except for his eyes *pouts*. But there are scenes (I think 2) where he is free of clothing from the waist up. Some scenes where he is obviously wearing make up (likely why they wrapped his white ass up most of the time as you can see the varying shades of make up throughout the movie when you can see his skin), after all he's playing a desert nomad of all things.

Anyway, I came across this review today, thought it was pretty good (although he gives the movie 4 out of 5, while it probably only deserves about a 2. Unless you're rating on the unintentional giggle factor. LOL)


PS...I bought this off Amazon.com (through a re-seller), but didn't want to pay the $15 they wanted for it. I found it used for about $5-$6 including shipping! ;)
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Just to keep track, list of Mark Harmon movies (incomplete I know, I can't say I'm interested in movies like Chasing Liberty or Freaky Friday, esp since he's not the main character). I bought NCIS seasons 1-6 from Amazon around Dec 09, all the movies I think were purchased more like Jan-Mar 2010. *wonders if Mark Harmon's peeps have me tagged as a stalker yet, LOL*

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