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It's tough when you want to write slash and there's a kitty demanding attention.

Girl Cat: You are not worshipping me! Your hand NOW!
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Oh noes kitty! My baby kitty has recently become fascinated with my keys and my watch, as well as jumping atop my computer desk. Noes, kitty, noes! Reminds me a bit of my kitty I had when I was in high school. he used to steal my keys from my dresser and take them downstairs. I would find them underneath the dining room table all the time. Silly kitties!

And [livejournal.com profile] naemi wrote me a most awesome story Led Astray for one of my requests over at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_slash_fic. Tim comes home and finds Tony wearing a collar he found in Tim's dresser drawer. Hot yummy stuff ensues.

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Woke up today with bruises on my inner thigh. No idea how they got there. Either bumped into something oddly, was carrying something oddly or one of the cats must have leapt forcefully off my lap. Probably the latter and the big boy cat.

Using my tiny portable DVD player to watch Twilight episode and found there is a one touch button to change the language to spanish. Could be helpful if I ever learn enough spanish to watch an episode that way. Out of curiousity, I will have to run it to see what Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee's voices sound like.

An odd note in the episode, when Tony starts running toward the fire escape, he has a rifle in his hand. Then it disappears. He doesn't have it when he's climbing. He doesn't have it on the rooftop. Did he just leave an unsecured loaded shotgun lying around an alleyway? YIKES!
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  • So yeah, when I woke up today at 5:30am, it was 14 degrees.
    It's now 8:30am and it's STILL 14 degrees, but is now also SNOWING!

  • And if anyone is interested, the *Red Space* is gone and has been replaced by purple butterflies. Just time for a change, you know?

  • Also, boy cat stole my watch while I was sleeping the other day. Watch has been located & retrieved. He'd knocked it under the printer table. Silly silly boy cat!
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  • I have found my lost sock! The NEW one that I thought I'd lost the 2nd time I washed it. It was stuck to a sweatshirt I sometimes sleep in.

  • I have a new bracelet that boycat likes to try to steal.

  • I made a lovely stirfry the other night, as I'm attempting to eat more *fresh* foods and less pre-packaged stuff.

  • I also made a nice little thing of scrambled eggs with vegetarian (Morning Star) sausage and cheese in it. It turned out quite tasty.

  • I've been trying a few teas I'd bought. They're quite nice. One is very relaxing and tends to put me to sleep after I drink it. My favorite so far is a Rooibos or red tea. And I managed to not buy any Oolong in my first lot so I MUST remember next time I order.

  • I'm not so taken with Lance's new hair, but find the scarf he's wearing quite interesting. It doesn't look like something one would purchase, but more like something that was made for him by mom/sister/grandma/JC/boyfriend. I really like seeing people who can afford anything wearing something that was handmade by friends/relatives.

  • Does Lance really think NSync will reunite for sure, or is that simply wishful thinking?
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    Two things today:

    Today CK Kitty turns 1 year old! YAY! I bought him some new toys for later today.

    And today is the final day to sign up for the Pop!Tober Challenge 2008!
    Stories are due October 19!


    Also, check out these helpful links:
    Pop!Tober Challenge Sign Ups
    Pop!Tober Challenge Rules
    Pop!Tober Challenge Banners & Icons
    Pop!Tober Challenge 2008 Theme
    Pop!Tober Challenge Suggested Reading/Example Stories
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    Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] puszysty for the CD! It came a few days ago when I was here, there & everywhere except home at my computer!

    Kittens are being silly. No suprise there. CK is now much bigger than JC, so when he's getting a little too aggressive when they wrestle, she races to me and leaps into my lap for safety. Not sure what she does when I'm not home.

    I now have poison ivy or something from working on the overgrowth at the old house a couple days ago. I'm highly allergic. Fun. NOT!

    I guess Chris J & Justy (my weatherpixies) are tired of the rain, too. I haven't seen them for 3-4 days! *wails*
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    Awww, I have a purry little boy kitty on my lap *purrpurrpurr*!
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    Litte CK kitty has become quite the lap kitty! Such a Sweetie!

    With the SeSa Hiatus over, Chapters 11-13 from Of Champions And Lovers have been posted over at [livejournal.com profile] syncalot. Should be back to weekly updates again.
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    JC found her way onto the bed by herself, then ran when I saw her there. Maybe her foster family didn't like them getting on the beds? Eventually the 3 of us cuddled together for a nice nap. Well, it started with me & CK cuddling and napping, then JC decided to flop herself on top of CK, using his head as a pillow! Lots of purring. JC sometimes with us, sometimes a few inches away. But the catlings are up now and playing again, fully energized. They love chasing each other around. And also find each other's tails to be wonderful things to stalk & pounce on. CK is becoming quite adept at finding all the places he can squeeze into that JC can't. LOL

    ETA: Oh my! My comforter is moving all on its own. Eeeek!

    ETA #2: Oh, those 2 have been wrestling on the bed for 20 minutes now. Poor CK is so much smaller & lighter that JC has such an advantage. I've heard CK hissing, growling and mewing, but he keeps going back for more. JC's flipped CK's little ear back and darn near knocked him off the bed (saved by his tiny claws) a couple times. She may be in for a rude awakening when he gets bigger in a few months! CK likes to climb on top of the pillows and pounce on JC. I hope they tire each other out so they're ready for another nap when I want to sleep! LOL
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    2 kitties! From a shelter. The older one is an August born female, thin and athletic, I call her JC. The little boy is October born, smaller with big paws! He is CK. In the shelter CK was very timid, but he's turned into a little purring lapkitty since we got home (he's on my lap & purring right now). JC was very loving and enjoyed being held at the shelter, but runs around the house like a nut. Once she came up on the couch with me & CK and cuddled for a few moments before dashing off.

    Right now, she's bigger, but considering CK's big paws I think he'll grow bigger than her at some point. Right now he's about 2/3s her size. They play nicely together and he likes to run under her belly, she likes to run fast on her long legs and leap right over him.

    They're both adorable. Now for a bath (for me). More on the wild pair later.

    ETA: CK has definitely adopted my lap, he's all curled up and purring and even climbed up to headbutt me a couple times! Awww, kitten loves! JC jumped up in my lap with us and CK hissed at her *MY lap*, and started purring again the moment she left.

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