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I've seen a couple different posts/comments lately where people mention how they *hate* a smushed pairing name. I got to thinking that I don't even use them for NCIS, never have and most probably definitely never will. Well, I think I poked fun in a story by having someone call Ziva, Tiva in error. Probably the same way Tony did in the series. It was probably Tony in my story.

Thinking back to my previous fandom, I used them all the time. Some were cute, some were funny. I don't remember many that were cringe worthy. Some pairings had more than one name and I did come across a pairing name or two I didn't care for, but there was surely a better one to use.

I don't even know many for the NCIS fandom. Tibbs would be my official pairing, I suppose, but I don't use that term. Ever. The series did once have a character called "Tibbens", for which I think they had to have known about "Tibbs" when they used Tibbens. Tony says something referencing the "Call Me Mr. Tibbs" movie. They also mention "Tiva" once in the series. I love that NCIS has always catered a bit to their fandom fans. Not enough that non-fandom people would notice much, but the fandom people do. I appreciate that.

Also with both Tim and Tony, that makes for confusing pairing smushes. I mean, Tibbs could just as easily be Tim/Gibbs as Tony/Gibbs. I've heard the term "Tabby", but don't know if that's Tim/Abby or Tony/Abby. Don't care. I prefer to just use their actual names. I've heard the term Gabby for Gibbs/Abby, but since I see that relationship as father/daughter, just no. No Gabby for me.

I'm not sure if it's that the names in PopSlash were cuter? Or if the NCIS crowd is more mature overall and doesn't care to use them? I just do not see the smushed pairing names in NCIS, other than the very rare Tibbs reference and the more common note of hating Tiva. I do see differences through, such as, Gibbs is almost always referred to by his last name, while others are commonly called by their first names. So we have Gibbs/Tony, Gibbs/DiNozzo or (as on AO3) Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs. I don't recall seeing Jethro/Tony, although I'm sure someone, somewhere has used it. Hmmm.

I wonder if web sites have anything to do with it? AO3, for example, has tags for the full name pairings only, not the smush names. As far as I've noticed anyway.

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