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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28: which member of NSYNC would you be least surprised to find out has committed murder

Hmm, that's a tough one as I can't imagine any of them killing anyone, at least not on purpose.

I think both Chris and Joey are such good-hearted people, I can't imagine them taking another life on purpose, although there's always the notion either of them could drive while intoxicated or be driving too fast on a rainy night and causing a fatal accident.

JC I think is just too peaceful. I think of him as a gentle soul who wants peace to flow within and without his life. I think he believes in karma and killing someone does not bring good karma into your life.

That leaves Justin and Lance. Justin would probably be afraid his mom would kill him if he murdered someone, LOL. He's also so in the public eye, it would be difficult for him to pull off a murder. Besides, I'm sure he has the money to pay for a hit man if he really wanted someone gone.

Now Lance, I don't really think he would ever murder anyone, but of the five of them, I think he's the one. He has that slick *used car salesman* smile. Of all of them, I think he's able to hide his thoughts and emotions the best. He's smart and I think he has it in him to be devious if need be. I'd have to say, Lance would surprise me the least.

I did once write a Twisted AU fic in which 4 of the 5 of them murdered someone. *G*
Only one survived.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] djmichealsfics: for my birthday, tell me what was your perfect birthday or what is your idea of a perfect birthday

It figures I'd be a day late on one of these. My apologies! RL was crazy all day.

Sending the very happiest of belated birthday wishes to [livejournal.com profile] djmichealsfics. I hope your day was fabulous from start to finish!

When I was a kid, my parents allowed me to have slumber parties and my dad and brothers would make up games for prizes. They were all fun, but I can't remember any one standing out more than any other.

My most perfect birthday was probably last year. I was on vacation visiting the Arches National park and got a lot of hiking in. We had dinner at a BBQ place and I ate way too much.

It certainly is nice to not have to work on your birthday (I hope you had yesterday off!). I enjoy nature so for me a nice hike or visit to a botanical garden would be lovely. The only thing is that the weather generally isn't so pleasant where I live around my birthday. It can be okay, but more often it's cold and cloudy, sometimes rainy. I did not travel this year, but last year, it was nice to head to somewhere that was nice and sunny and most of the days were around 60s-70s.

I also like horseback riding, which I haven't done on my birthday for several years as I no longer have a horse. It may be something I will do again. It's always nice to go on a scenic ride. Last year, we were hiking and thought about riding, but there was a threat of rain. And indeed when we stopped by the stable to discuss a ride, it was pouring down rain, so I did ride the following day.

If I'm in town around my birthday, it is about the time of year that the leaves change, so I often take a scenic drive to look at the changing leaves. If I'm off work, I'm likely to spend some of the time playing and/or cuddling with the kittens and probably watching TV or possibly reading a lovely slash story (Gibbs/DiNozzo, a must these days!). Also if I'm in town, my parents are likely to take me out to dinner and a nice restaurant.

I don't really mind working on my birthday, but it is certainly nice not to.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] pensnest: What (if anything) are you trying to escape, today
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I'd have to say crowds, strangers, and often sales people.

I've never been comfortable in large crowds, whether I know everyone or not. I tend to not enjoy parties much. I've tried approaching others, but it seems that after about one minute, they move on leaving me standing alone. People don't tend to come over to talk to me much. Large groups tend to make me feel like I don't belong. Anywhere.

I can deal with crowded airports, but prefer to avoid flying if I can. I can manage a concert, but would be happier if there is no one in the seat next to me. Which doesn't happen often. If I have an option between taking a busy path and the one less traveled by, I would take the one less traveled by. I can deal with crowds, but prefer not to if I have a choice in the matter.

There just seems to be so many opportunities for awkward moments when you come across other people. Even hiking or walking in the neighborhood, there's always that uncomfortable moment when you come across someone else and feel obligated to say 'hi', then there's the awkward moment of whether they will acknowledge you or ignore you. Worse yet, if you walk to a point, then turn around and go back, you may come across the same person again and have to say 'hi' again like you've never seen each other before. Awkward! I feel a bit less awkward if it's a neighbor I actually 'know' or recognize.

I do so much better with smaller groups. I'm usually rather delightful at one on one conversations, but the more people you add into the mix, the less I tend to say until I'm feeling like it doesn't even matter that I'm around at all. I honestly rather hang out with my cats and computer (and television) than a room full of people. Perhaps I communicate better via email where it's generally me and 1-2 others?

Prior to this year, it was the bell ringers. I truly appreciate what they're doing, standing outside in the brutal cold for hours and hours collecting money for those less fortunate, but in the past, some of them had been a bit pushy. For the past few years, I would stock up the pantry by Thanksgiving and make as few trips to the store as possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These days I go to the store on my way into work, which is long before the bell ringers are out. However, I must say that this year, none of them were pushy at all. Some would greet everyone with a smile and a kind word of holiday greeting, others would ring their bells and not say a word. Not at all bad this year. I dislike the pushy ones as they don't know my situation (I could be a needy person myself!), they don't know if I already donated and I personally prefer to donate through work. The reason? The company I work for has a matching fund for a certain group of charities.

I often tend to run from Sales people, whether I need help or not. I've programmed myself to say that I don't need help, LOL! I never enjoyed being accosted by a Sales person as soon as I hit a door and especially if they hang around watching me as I'm shopping. Seriously, I'll come find you if I have a question! I'm getting better at asking when I do need help, but I also think, like most businesses, stores have cut their staff to the bone. Twice this fall I was at stores wanting to purchase items and it took a good 15 minutes to find a salesperson to help me! Both places I had what I wanted, I just needed to be checked out. They almost lost the sales because I couldn't find anyone!

Although I'm not likely to move if I'm settled, I tend to try to find a spot away from others, whether in a park, on the beach, restaurant, wherever. There are times I meet someone and can enjoy a good conversation (on the last flight I took, I sat next to a woman whose son lived two blocks from where I grew up, which is really amazing considering I was on a flight from Florida to DC and live in Missouri!). I don't think I'm anti-social exactly. I quite enjoy small groups, but the more rarely is merrier if I have to face them all in person! I definitely consider myself to be a wallflower.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28: Astrology
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Although I don't plan every detail of my life by horoscopes and such, I do feel there is something to Astrology. I'm fascinating thinking that hundreds of years ago, people figured all this stuff out. It's not something I'm very good at. However, if I know someone's signs, I can see some of the traits. I need a book though, I can't remember the significant traits of every sign.

I remember going to a science center in Chicago and they had an Astrology display. On one side they listed the traits of all the signs. You were to pick the closest match to you, then go to the other side of the display and it would tell you which sign you had chosen. I picked correctly. I've done that before. In High School, someone did a similar project and had a pretty good success rate at people picking the correct traits for their sign. I tend to think some people picked incorrectly on purpose, either to prove the test wrong or because they wanted people to see them differently (by the traits they chose rather that their true personality).

I'd like to go out in the country some time to a place up on a hill so I could do some proper star gazing. I've never been able to pick out more than the obvious constellations (Big Dipper, Orion, etc), but the one night where our power was out for hours, it was amazing how many more stars were visible. It would be nice to have that sort of a night (without all the city lights) to see the constellations more clearly.

On days that I work, I read my horoscope and delight in sharing with my boss and team when it says things like I should head home early. It's more for entertainment. I don't alter plans according to it. I do tend to modify my behavior sometimes, though. For instance, if it says it's not a good day to push things with one's boss, I don't. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but when it comes to possibly pissing off my boss, I figure better safe than sorry.

I've also noticed that the guys I tend to find very attractive personality-wise, tend to be Aries and Virgos, while the guys who actually ask me out (meaning the guys I tend to date) are often born under the sigh of Taurus (close to 75%). And they all end up aggravating me in similar ways (damn bull-headed dumb-asses! LOL).

I remember reading once, when someone was saying they saw traits of other signs within themselves, an astrologist pointed out that all the signs are somewhere in the sky at the time of your birth. It said you should display 80-90% of the traits of your sun sign, but the rest are up there as well. I did find out that my second most influential sign is Virgo. Interesting. If I'm remembering correctly, I'm a Libra with Virgo rising, or something like that.

With all the billions of galaxies and planets, I believe there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe (although probably at such a great distance, we shall never meet). I wonder if they have their own version of Astrology and what sort of constellations and signs they would have and basically what they see when they look up into their night sky.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] puszysty: how does the NCIS team survive the apocalypse?
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Hmm, might I take this opportunity to recommend:
Moments Like These by [livejournal.com profile] hunters_retreat from NCIS BB 2011
The cloud swept over everyone, leaving some unchanged, leaving others unable to stop the rage, and others still changed beyond belief. It had no respect for station or power and those left behind were forced topick up the pieces and try to make it through the hardest winters in a century. Two years had gone by since Gibbs had seen his team. McGee was there with him, Ducky safely hidden away as a commodity in times when a real physician was rare. Every night, Gibbs found himself on the wall that surrounded his hometown and looked out for his missing members. He knew there were at least two still alive, fighting to get back to them. He couldn't track them, didn't know how to find them in the mess they were left with, but if there was anything he knew, it was that Tony would bring Abby back to them. Every night Tony went to sleep knowing he had to get Abby to Gibbs before their luck ran out again, before Abby became too weak and Tony was exposed for what he really was.

Alright, then. It's hard to say who would survive initially and I have toyed with writing something myself. You never know. Anyway, I would imagine the team would converge on Gibbs' house as soon as possible, gathering together. I would be surprised if they didn't already have a plan in place. The big question is, would Gibbs be there, or would he leave ASAP to head to Stillwater to check on his dad.

Once they gather together, they would have a very good chance. You have Gibbs for leadership and all around handy-man. If a flood threatened, they'd be all set. Ducky and Palmer would see to their medical needs. Being Gibbs' #2 DiNozzo would help as needed and provide options/suggestions. Tim and Abby would combine their knowledge and resourcefulness to make sure they have everything they need to survive. Depending on what era you're going with Kate, Ziva or Bishop would add in their own touches. Jimmy would no doubt bring Breena if she's around (depending on the time frame). Do they take the Director with them? Well, only if said Director was smart enough to show up. Sure they'd take Jenny or Vance along, but Gibbs would clearly be in charge. If survival is on the line, I'd go with Gibbs over any of the directors.

I think Gibbs would make an effort to either take everyone to Stillwater, or maybe take Tony with him (or leave Tony in charge while taking someone else to watch his back) and retrieve his dad. DC would probably be a cut-throat madhouse, so it would make more sense to take everyone to Stillwater, or perhaps that charming rustic cabin we now know that Gibbs has (and probably built).

...and Gibbs and DiNozzo would come to rely on each other on such a deep level that they would spend the rest of their lives as a couple and live happily ever after. *G*
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] starturtle0977: favourite baked good - holiday or everyday
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I do love walking into the sub sandwich shops that bake their own bread. The aroma is delightful! I can't say it's ever lured me into buying something I wasn't planning to anyway, but it is a lovely smell.

We have a company around here called St Louis Bread Company (Paneras away from our area). I absolutely love their Asiago cheese breads. Bread or bagel, either way is fine with me. Fresh bread is awesome and I love most things cheesy so the combination of cheese infused bread is simply heavenly. Whenever they buy us bagels at work, I make sure to pick out one of the Asiago ones and pair it with the Honey Walnut spread. Nice indeed. On the rare occasions that I lunch there (I had a longer lunch time and closer store at my last job. It would take my whole lunch period just to drive over and get a sandwich! And the BF, hates that sort of *frou frou* sandwich shop and refuses to go to one.), I like to get my sandwiches on the Asiago bread. It comes with the roast beef sandwich, so that's usually easiest, but they've always been fine swapping out the bread of any other sandwich.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] pensnest: Candles
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I do love shopping in candle shops, with all the wonderful shapes, colors and smells. There was a time I was more likely to have a large scented candle lit, but it's rare any more. They were mostly gifts and I can't remember the last time I was given one. I do keep 3 small, scented candles on one side of my garden tub and occasionally light them while I have a nice long soak. It's hard to keep the matches around though as the kitties think it's fun to bat them about.

This is the first home of mine that had a fireplace (my parents first house that I grew up in, had a huge wood fireplace with a trap door to push the ashes through to the basement where they can be collected into a metal bucket and dumped and they have a gas log fire in their current house). Mine isn't a gas one, nor does it have a trap door to shove ashes through. A wood fire seems like a lot of mess to deal with, so I bought a fireplace candelabra. I've never used it, mind you, but I have it. Candles and a long lighter too! Ah, perhaps one day. My living room is set to enjoy the TV, but with a little shifting I think I can make it nice and cozy for fireplace candle watching as well. I just need a little time, muscle and motivation.

We used to light candles for dinner at the parents house quite often, but they haven't done that since we moved to the new house. I had dinner table candlesticks and candles, but like my china and fine linen (inherited from my grandmother), they have never been used by me, being single and all, it seems a bit much. Not sure where they are now.

When I was a kid, my brother gave me a beautiful candle horsehead in a brownish orange with a bit of gold highlights. It was magnificent and at least 8" tall. It was actually a wax chess piece. I knew exactly where it was before the tornado hit. I'm sure it was shoved into a box and is somewhere in the basement now. I think that was my favorite candle ever. My second favorite was one I bought. It was a sleek black cat sitting tall and pretty. It reminded me of Shadow Cat. She knocked it down a few times and eventually broke off a paw. I have no idea where it is now, but most likely it's somewhere in a box in the basement. I never throw anything away, although I have suspicions that my dad sneaks into my basement and throws things away. (I packed up all my plastic horse collection when I moved from my parents and there are so few boxes of them left, I'm also afraid to open them to see which ones are missing!).

Birthday candles used to be fun, but haven't used those in years. Then again, I haven't had a birthday cake in years either, LOL. When we were growing up my grandmother had a bunch of candles she used as Thanksgiving decorations. There was a turkey or two and a pilgrim family. They still had price tags of 15 cents on them. I think they were from the 50s or 60s. When we were cleaning out my grandparents house, no one wanted them and I couldn't bear to throw them away, so I pleaded with my parents to send them off to my brother and SiL. I have no idea if they were ever sent out or quietly slipped into the trash the moment I turned my back. I have no doubt that if they did make it to my brother and SiL, they've been long ago discarded. SiL is not a keeper and had no memories with them. I think it's sad when people have no annual traditions like that to look back on and remember.

One last thought. Ever look at the stuff people used to make candles back before electricity? Can you imagine? Candles are pretty to look at, and some may smell nice, but overall, for light, I'll keep my electricity, thank you very much!
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] hawk_soaring: Favorite childhood memory
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It's difficult to pick only one. I have a lot of memories, but some of the things, I don't particularly remember enjoying at the time, LOL. For instance, when we were kids, our parents would pack us into the car at 4-5am and drive for 12 or more hours to start off our vacations. Pain in the ass, boring and they'd say, 'sleep in the car', but you really couldn't with 3 kids in the back seat. Now I wish I had the time and money to do the traveling we did as kids. I wish I had appreciated it more. Poor parents!

I have similar thoughts on picnics, they always sound like such nice, fun affairs, but I have memories of bugs, ants and lots of things being carried off by the wind.

I don't know if I could narrow it down to a single favorite memory, perhaps just a few? Since the Libra in me has trouble choosing, here are 10 favorite childhood memories in no particular order:

-I remember hearing the Beatles on the radio in the car and loved them instantly. I was around 3 then.

-I remember moving into our house when I was 4 (not quite 5). I loved my room (it felt so big then). My parents just sold the house a couple of years ago.

-I remember getting our first kitten when I was 5. I adored that little gray ball of fluff!

-I remember having so much fun playing with kitty #1. We used to bring home crab apples to toss at him because he loved to swat them back. He was a world class paper wad soccer player!

-Throughout the years, I remember visiting both sets of grandparents' homes. I remember running around in the yards, playing with my brothers. Sometimes just running around, sometimes playing Frisbee, soccer or Wiffle ball. Sometimes with uncles around, sometimes, not.

-I remember me and my friends running cantering around like horses and jumping. I could jump over 3' when I was a kid. Great fun.

-I remember taking horseback riding lessons and jumping. I loved the freedom and the wind in my hair.

-I remember having a great time at summer camp. Riding was of course my favorite, but I learned to canoe and still enjoy that to this day. I'm glad I learned the correct way to handle a canoe. I really enjoyed archery although I was never very good at it, LOL. The nature walks were great although I've never learned how to ID plants and trees very well, but I still love to hike.

-I remember spending hours and hours listening to records (and watching TV, LOL).

-Our big old house was built in the 20s and was heated with radiators. The front windows, had these long, maybe 5' x 1' radiators and the sill above that. Both us kids and the kitty loved to sit on the warm radiators and watch outside, especially if it was snowing around Christmas time.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] pink_chicklet: your favorite ways to spend lazy day
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This may sound odd to start, but I have always been an early riser. I'm usually up by sunrise or, more often, earlier. I never need an alarm to wake up in the morning. Even as a kid, I was often the first person awake in the household. I love being outside in the morning (if it's not too cold). I always enjoyed hearing the roosters crow whenever I was visiting my friends' farm.

So, I would love to start a lazy day by going out to breakfast and being able to sit around as long as I want and eat as slowly as I want. I hardly ever get to do that. I don't like eating out alone and the BF likes to sleep until noon. He is neither a morning, nor a breakfast person. Usually the only time I get to go out for breakfast is vacation and it certainly wouldn't be a daily adventure.

After that, if the muses are flowing, I enjoy writing. If I was truly going to be lazy, I'd like to relax and watch maybe and NCIS marathon or a favorite movie marathon, such as the LOTR movies back to back to back. Really any show I truly love and adore. I love marathons of my favorite shows. Of course I tend to catnap with the kitties on lazy, television watching days. I love hanging out with the kitties and I'm pretty sure they have mastered *lazy* into a fine art.

I actually like hiking, even on a lazy day. I just walk slower and enjoy the sunshine and scenery. Or sight seeing some cool places. I love old buildings and classic architecture. Of course, I love rivers, streams, brooks, lakes, fountains, oceans, etc, although I'm not one for laying on the beach. I'd rather walk. The zoo is a nice place to hang out. I also love just going for a scenic drive out to the country, maybe strolling through an antique mall or two. Sometimes I enjoy sitting on my patio watching the sunset and drinking a glass of wine, if the weather is nice. I definitely favor quiet and serene. A lazy day would certainly have me avoiding crowds.

If my brothers are around, I really love just hanging out with them and the SILs, drinking wine, laughing and chatting into the evening. When we were kids we used to play a lot of board games and card games. When we're together, we seem to talk about that, but never get around to it any more. I wish we lived closer together, because there aren't many people I enjoy hanging out with as much as I enjoy spending time with my brothers.
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] starturtle0977: one of your favourite popslash stories and/or one of your favourite books
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Great topic! Of course I love stories and books so much, I could never ever settle for one! LOL

As a little girl, I loved to read books about horses and The Beatles. I've had a couple cat books, but tend to prefer fiction and there aren't a lot of great kitty books around that I've come across. Sadly, I don't seem to have the time or inclination to read actual books much anymore. I still have hundreds of books, though. I saved most of the ones from when I was a kid thinking I would have kids and grandkids one day that I could sit and read to, but that's not going to happen at this point. Really time to give a few books away. I don't read as much slash as I'd like, but I manage a bit now and then.

My favorite books would likely be the Chronicles Of Narnia Series by C.S Lewis. Loved them as a kid and occasionally read through them again. I seem to keep loaning them out as I'm sure I've bought the series at least a couple of times. I love that they're easy enough to ready at a pretty young age, yet still entertaining as I grow older.

Another favorite is Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy series and I totally enjoyed his stand alone Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Douglas Adams is such a master of comedy and smart as well. Think Monty Python as he was involved a bit with them. I also really liked Paul Theroux's The Mosquito Coast and O-Zone. I am happy to say I found a fantastic cat book a few years ago, Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams. Similar to the wonderful Watership Downs by Richard Adams, but cats rather than bunnies.

When I was a kid, a wonderful author of horse books was Marguerite Henry. Artist Sam Savitt also wrote books, his Wild Horse Running was a favorite. In elementary school, I loved the Billy and Blaze series. Oddly enough I checked them out from the library, but never owned them. Not one. I'd like to read them again and was thrilled to see they're still available, but a little pricey for being some of the very first books I read back in the first and second grades.

Now for popslash, the very first ever slash story I read was Cowboy by ghettogreta. I had heard of fan fiction before, but had only come across a couple pathetically bad Beatles Mary Sue stories that were horrible. I wasn't looking for them, but searching around the internet and stumbled across them. For some reason I was google searching NSync and Horses and found Greta's story and loved it. I continued reading most of her other stories as well. Only after I'd read through her stuff did I go in search of other stories. My all time favorite I think is her series College Life and its sequel The Long Road Home. Other favorites include Nix's Slave To Love, Patchwork Dragon's Heart Of The Jungle and [livejournal.com profile] turps33's Boxes. I also liked Isolde13's angsty stories, but don't think they're on the web anymore. There are so many wonderful stories by so many terrific authors over the years in that fandom that I've enjoyed over the years, I could never even list them all!

Looking forward to many more wonderful stories to read in the future!
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] turps33: Cats, Do you see yourself as a crazy cat lady?
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Cats are one of my great loves and although I am not offended by being called a *cat lady* (or once by my young boss, *cat woman*), I'd tend to roll my eyes at someone calling me a "crazy cat lady*. I was quite taken aback when my brother threw barbeque at a park for his friends from work and a couple of them came over to introduce themselves and said "So you're the crazy cat lady!". Then they back-pedaled and said that he'd said I was going to grow up to be a crazy cat lady. I think my brother came close to being kicked in the shins that day.

When I think of the term *crazy cat lady* I tend to think of someone a bit older who has lost a bit of their mental capacity. I think of someone who has more cats than they can responsibly take care of. I've been in houses where the cats are crapping on the floor because their litter boxes are over flowing with dried poop. I've been in houses that smell like cat piss when you hit the door. My place has never been like that. My home may be a little fuzzy here and there, like the couch, but the only thing you'd find overwhelming is likely the amount of cat toys strewn about the house. All my cats are fat, healthy, happy and playful. They all go to the vets once a year for a check up.

Read more... )
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Today's topic is from [livejournal.com profile] ncisvu_lj: Your favorite place in the world
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It would be difficult to choose just one and of course places change over the years. Generally the places I love are either natural (away from the city), old or places where I spent time with friends or family, many of those, the places have changed, but I have fond memories from the past.

I have fond memories from visiting relatives, like my grandparents place in Iowa, with it's extra large lot full of apple and cherry trees, plenty of space to run around. Also lots of memories from vacations over the years. Sometimes I live in the moment so at one very moment, it's my favorite place in the world, such as the first time I saw Paul McCartney in concert. The place would mean nothing to me, except that I saw Paul McCartney there.

I love hiking trails and ghost towns. Although I couldn't point to specific places, I have been on hikes with gorgeous views and clean air. I love Colorado with its mountains, wild flowers and waterfalls. I loved visiting the Arches National Park in Utah. I have wonderful memories of hiking in Alaska. At one place in Haines, we were driving to a park and saw this beautiful place, so we stopped. It was a river, but the river was strewn with huge boulders, so you could walk a great distance out to the center of the river. It was very picturesque with a mountain in the background and what looked like a very old, very small little red cabin. If I was a painter with any skill, I would have loved to have painted the spot.

I had the opportunity to visit France a few years ago and we stopped at a few awesome spots. I love seeing the ancient aqueducts and olive orchards where Van Gough painted. I would have loved to visit Monet's gardens. I enjoyed seeing the Roman Ruins there and generally am fascinated by anything old, like old houses and barns. I've seen a few castle ruins that were built in gorgeous locations and like to imagine what it would have been to live there back when they were first built.

Since I love horses, going riding, especially in beautiful locations is always fun. I've ridden in Canada, France, Mexico and a few US states. I always wished I could go riding with Paul and Linda McCartney. I know they had places with horses and I'll bet they're some pretty nice places! Sometimes it's nice just to be in a peaceful spot watching horses out in a pasture, especially if there's a creek or brook running through the field.

I enjoy watching water although I tend not to care much for being on boats or being in water over my head, but watching sunsets across the ocean is awesome. I love waterfalls or even just babbling brooks. I also love large, well-kept botanical gardens, especially if they have nice quiet spots where you can sit and watch a waterfall or pond/lake/river.

And then there's the cat thing. I totally adore cats and cuddling up with them. Home is a warm and comfortable place. My very favorite place in the world might just be cuddling on the couch with one of my kitties. Of course, if I ever met Mark Harmon (or Paul McCartney) and he was gracious enough to give me a hug, being wrapped up in his arms could very well become a contender for my favorite place in the world!
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LJ has been a real bitch today. About every other time I try to save something or comment I get "page not found" and have to start over.

*points to icon* Lovely new icon made by [livejournal.com profile] sexycazzy. So cute!

Speaking of Gibbs/DiNozzo, I have a story to finish before December 12th!

Am thinking it's time to cull a few people who never friended me back (not cutting anyone who has friended me!). I tend to like to have an even amount of people I have friended who have friended me. I think my last friending spree was last December or January. A year is enough time for someone to friend me back if they're going to. Mostly this is because I am the shy sort and don't like to comment to people who haven't friended me back. (I sort of figure if they're interested in my comments, they would friend me back, right?). Anyway, if anyone gets defriended here in the next month, that's likely all it is. Just friend me and I will friend you back. This journal is pretty boring if you're not friended to it anyway, as I custom lock 95-99% of my posts!

I tend not to do these meme things much since I'm convinced only about 5 people read my journal with any sort of regularity, however, I'm all for having more stuff to read on LJ and hope a few of you feel the same! Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] pensnest:

Pick a date in December (more than one, if you like), give me a topic and I'll ramble on. I'm not putting up the whole list of dates, but will post any dates that are spoken for (as I expect somewhere between 0-2 responses, LOL!).

December 7: Your favorite place in the world [livejournal.com profile] ncisvu_lj
December 9: Cats, Do you see yourself as a crazy cat lady? [livejournal.com profile] turps33
December 10: one of your favourite popslash stories and/or one of your favourite books [livejournal.com profile] starturtle0977
December 12: your favorite ways to spend lazy day [livejournal.com profile] pink_chicklet
December 15: Favorite childhood memory [livejournal.com profile] hawk_soaring
December 16: Candles [livejournal.com profile] pensnest
December 18: favourite baked good - holiday or everyday [livejournal.com profile] starturtle0977
December 21: how does the NCIS team survive the apocalypse? [livejournal.com profile] puszysty
December 22: Astrology [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28
December 25: What (if anything) are you trying to escape, today [livejournal.com profile] pensnest
December 26: for my birthday, tell me what was your perfect birthday or what is your idea of a perfect birthday [livejournal.com profile] djmichealsfics
December 29: which member of NSYNC would you be least surprised to find out has committed murder? [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28

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