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  • Just wanted to wish those who celebrate Thanksgiving, safe travels and a happy holiday!

  • Every Thanksgiving I like to dust off this gem for sharing:
    Thanksgiving: TrickC Style
    Pairing: Chris/JC
    Summary: Chris and JC go shopping together for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] joshysleo at [livejournal.com profile] fic_requests: JC/Chris with them planning and/or shopping for a large family dinner. approx. 850 words

  • SeSa is moving along fairly well *happy dances*.

  • 30 days left before SeSa posting deadline *flails*

  • I am soooo not ready for Christmas!

  • Look! I learned to make bullet things! *Squeals with glee*

  • My weather pixies tell me it's colder here than in Chicago! Brrr! And it's been raining all day long *pouts*

  • Kitty is having a couple of bad days *cuddles her*

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With no pizza left, I settled for a *sigh* apple for breakfast. Since that wasn't quite as satisfying as pizza, I followed up with a nice helping of Rocky Road ice cream! :)

Then I noticed kitty was no longer by the space heater, so I looked for her in her normal places. Unable to find her, I returned to the bedroom and found her curled up on the bed. Awww, so cute! So I curled up with her for napping.

Watched a few episodes of I Love Lucy on TV Land while snuggling with kitty.

Then went back online to chat a bit and here comes kitty, jumping into my lap and lounging like a lion in a tree.

Now she's back to her spot on the bed. Pretty sleepy kitty.
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I missed my weather pixie from the other journal, so he's back! Chris J is proudly displaying the weather where I live and he has a (yet to be named) buddy to keep him company *G*. His new friend displays the weather in Chicago.

I subtitled my fic journal ;)

Kitty is blissfully zonked out in front of the space heater (which I turned off a few minutes ago, hee!)

I have relented. After a bit of poking and prodding from a couple people, I did sign up for MTYG this morning. What can I say? I'm easy like that! Let the jitters begin.

I bought a pizza last night and was delighting in the thought of pizza for breakfast, but no, I ate it ALL last night. *sigh*

Also posted Chapters 5-7 of Of Champions And Lovers at [livejournal.com profile] syncalot this morning. With each week's posting, it brings me closer to doomsday, the day when I have nothing new to post *facepalm*. When I started posting this as a series, I was soooooo certain I could finish it by the end of the year, but now I'm not so sure. Time will tell.
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Wishing the happiest of birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] truekat! May all your birthday wishes come true!

DST always messes up my sleeping patterns for a while, spring and fall, so here I am up at 3am, when I should be sleeping for another 2 hours. Grrrrr. Whose idea was DST anyway? *smacks them*

I have a warm purry kitty on my lap. *G*

I see [livejournal.com profile] mtyg_discuss has opened sign-ups. It's good to see the number of participants! *is excited*

And on the neopets side, I just swiped the cutest, most adorable little rainbow aisha plushie from the Snowager. Here's it's description: Even cuter than the standard Aisha doll this one purrs when you stroke it:)
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Cat Thing has been really loving of late. Every morning she waits until the moment I wake up, then loves all over me. Nothing like waking up to a face full of fur!

And now (with the 6 month *project* more or less done) my fingers are itching to get back to writing. I'm hoping to get back to the Slave Fic epic this fall. I can't believe I've been working on that series for over 3 years now!

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