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Location:Missouri, United States of America
Website:My fanfic on AO3

This journal is mostly locked and may contain ADULT MATERIAL.

I work, I play, I hike, I read and I write NCIS slash fic (posted at jacie3 on LJ or [personal profile] jacie on DW, also Jacie at AO3).
I love horses and kitties.
If you want to know more, just ask! :)

New friends are welcome!
Please note: With LJs newest profile page format, it's really difficult to see if new friends have been added (and the counts seem to be off quite often). If you have friended any of my journals and I haven't friended you back in a couple of days, please add a note to a post or send me a PM.

I also run a few communities. Feel free to join up if any of them strikes your fancy!

Please note, all communities are mostly run from LJ, however, I have set up DW versions as well:

[community profile] ncis_bigbang NCIS Big Bang Challenge
[community profile] ncis_reversebang NCIS Revserse Bang Challenge
[community profile] ncis_bang NCIS Challenge Master Lists from past challenges
[community profile] ncis_sesa NCIS Secret Santa Challenge (This is actually run through AO3. An AO3 account is required.)
[community profile] ncis_challenge NCIS Happy Holidays Advent Challenge
[community profile] ncis_discuss Discussions about NCIS, the series and fandom
[community profile] ncis_campfire Newsletter

My other fandom communities on DW:
[community profile] ncis_search Search for anything related to NCIS (certain scenes, photos, etc.)
[community profile] beta_search A multi-fandom community where you can look for, or offer, beta, cheerleader or mentor help.

Come join us at ncis_discuss for fun, chats and challenges!

NCIS banner community copy

Come join us at ncis_sesa for NCIS Secret Santa gift exchange! Look for sign-ups in October.

NCIS Banner SeSaMcGee

Come join us for the NCIS Big Bang and Reverse Bang at ncis_bang. Look for Big Bang sign-ups around April/May and Reverse Band sign-ups around November/December.

NCIS group 11 chalenge banner

ncis_slash_fic is where you can request a NCIS slashfic scenario or write for someone else's request.

NCISGibbsDiNozzoMcGee3community banner

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