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2016-05-15 06:24 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Friends-Locked Journal

NCIS Banner friends locked LJ 2016

***ETA 04/15/2017:
LJ is still my main journal home, but I am backing it up here, and I will also be running *sister* communities for my challenges here at DW. If I know you under a different name at LJ, please let me know who you are on DW.

My personal journals = Solariana at LJ and Jacieleigh at DW
My fanfic journals - jacie3 at LJ and jacie at DW and AO3 ***

I have a mostly open friending policy and new friends are welcome, however, I do not get notifications when someone has friended this journal (even though I should be according to my settings!).

If you've friended this journal and I haven't friended you back, please feel free to comment here to say hi. If you haven't already done so, you will need to go to my profile page and click "add friend". That is not something I can do for you. If you don't actually friend this journal, I'm not going to give you access to my locked posts. So it is completely up to you.

I do have a fitness filter, so if you want to be on that, just ask. Sad to say, it isn't as active as it should be, LOL.

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2017-07-16 08:27 am

Just curious...


The friends/subscription thing here at DW seems to be pretty confusing. Adding to that, f-lists only go back for 2-weeks. Meaning, I've subscribed to people who haven't subscribed back - and/or haven't approved my subscription. People I've talked to about this are finding DW's access/subscription thing a bit confusing.

For instance, it's imported names from LJ, but what does that mean? Do people from LJ have access over here? It doesn't seem to be, so I'm not sure what the point is. Not everyone has the same names on LJ as DW. For instance, on LJ my personal journal is Solariana, on DW it is JacieLeigh. On LJ my fanfic journal is Jacie3, on DW it is Jacie. So how are people supposed to find me? And how am I supposed to find them? I can't find a decent search engine at DW for that.

I'm also finding it pretty impossible to find people on DW. I've found a handful of communities, but they aren't very active. I'm doing my best to start an NCIS fandom presence here at DW (I'm running 9 communities - all noted on my profile page), but would love to see more posting/commenting from OTHER people.

Anyway, I'm just curious as to who can see this on DW. I'm trying to gauge if there is a reason for me to post or read over here on any sort of a regular basis.

As of the time I posted this, I don't see that anyone has commented to my journal here at DW. I only see comments that were imported from LJ. I don't really see a reason to post here if no one is reading here.
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2017-06-22 06:28 pm
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New community looking for betas

New community is looking for betas!

[community profile] beta_search

Please spread the word so we can find help for authors seeking to hone their skills.
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2017-05-07 09:33 am
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DW communities

I'm up to 9 communities!
(not planning anymore...although some of these were unplanned...Oops!)

Since these are new communities, I would greatly appreciate if you would spread the word.

Many thanks!

My NCIS and fandom communities on DW:
[community profile] ncis_bigbang NCIS Big Bang Challenge
[community profile] ncis_reversebang NCIS Revserse Bang Challenge
[community profile] ncis_bang NCIS Challenge Master Lists from past challenges
[community profile] ncis_sesa NCIS Secret Santa Challenge
[community profile] ncis_challenge NCIS Happy Holidays Advent Challenge
[community profile] ncis_discuss Discussions about NCIS, the series and fandom
[community profile] ncis_search Search for anything related to NCIS (certain scenes, photos, etc.)
[community profile] ncis_campfire Newsletter
[community profile] beta_search A multi-fandom community where you can look for, or offer, beta, cheerleader or mentor help.
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2017-04-08 11:12 am
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Mirror communites - for those who are making DW their new home

I did set up some mirror accounts for my communities over at DW a while ago.

I've had a DW jounrnal since 2011, but only use it as an archive for my fanfic. I've yet to decide about anything else. I am "Jacie" over there, but again, it is only an archive for my fanfic at this time. However, you can also find all of my NCIS comms there, by going to my Jacie profile.

While I intend to remain here at LJ, and mainly run the communities from here, I don't want people to feel they can no longer participate in the NCIS challenges because they're moving to DW. Please note, art claims will continue to be run from Live Journal.

If interested, these are my communities at DW. There is currently little to no activity there right now. I don't have a lot of spare time, so they likely will not be as updated as the LJ communities.

Just to be clear, these are (sort of) mirror communities over at DW -

NCIS_bigbang: will have posts about the NCIS Big Bang Challenge

NCIS_reversebang: will have posts about the NCIS Reverse Bang Challenge

NCIS_sesa: will have posts about the NCIS Secret Santa (which is really on AO3 - so you do need an AO3 account to participate)

NCIS_discuss: where you're welcome to post discussions...or pretty much anything NCIS related

NCIS_campfire: I use the LJ journal as a sort of newsletter. Not sure what I'll do with this one. A Newsletter is A LOT of work, and I don't think those going to DW really want a page that links everything back to LJ.

NCIS_bang: Since the Big Bang and Reverse Bangs now have their own communities (at DW only), I'm probably just going to use this to post Master Lists for both challenges.

NCIS_challenge: I'm thinking of hosting the DW version of the NCIS Happy Holidays Advent Challenge here.

I mentioned I had "Jacie" over at DW for several years now, as a backup for my fanfic. I've now also picked up "Jacieleigh" as a backup for my personal journal. I still intend to make LJ my main journal, but if anything happens, if they decide to delete me, or LJ goes away, I wanted to have a place ready to go.
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2017-04-08 07:37 am

New ToS stuff - links to another view

Once again, there are several people leaving LJ. This makes me sad, of course. LJ has been my internet home for over a decade. I have tried other formats/sites, but really don't care for them. I also have permanent accounts (with extras) here and am comfortable with the formatting. Like some others, I intend to stay until they kick me out. LOL

LJ is my internet home and if I want to continue to play here, I have to play nice with the new landlords. We don't need to agree with Russian laws or views to stay. LJ is just a blogging site. The servers have been moved to Russia. There are worse places they could be. I'm all for leaving the politics out of it, and using it for non-political things.

I don't think there is any evil intent here, just the new Russian owners complying with Russian laws (which they have to do), since Russia is where the servers now sit.

There has been a lot said about the new ToS. LJ was sold a long time ago. And yes, I think we can all agree that the sudden pop-up of click now and agree, or be gone, was not the kindest, gentlest, nicest way to introduce the new ToS, and it has spurred fear and anger. However, from what I've seen, it isn't all that different than other ToS online. Yes, I suppose our use of LJ is now under Russian law, but who do you really think Russians are more concerned with: Russians or non-Russians?

You have to agree to the ToS for pretty much any online site that you use. They're all pretty similar. Most people don't know because, seriously, who actually reads through them all? It's just legalize to cover their asses. They've re-written it, sure. It's been translated, of course. I don't see anything all that outlandish.

If you're into fanfic though, I would advise setting your journal to "adult only" just to cover your own ass, and label posts "adult only" if you post to a community that is not set to "adult only" (I believe it will say on the profile page). After all, we just need to make sure the little kidlings aren't getting into adult material. Whether you post fic here, link it, or only discuss it, I would still use the "adult only" setting (you can set each post to "adult only").

To remain or leave is a personal decision. I support and respect everyone's rights to make their own decision, and do what they feel is best for themselves. Of course, I would love to see people stay, or at least keep their LJ active to participate in challenges. But I understand if people feel it's their time to go.

Anyway, there are others who have a better handle on this and say things far more eloquently than I do. I do encourage everyone to give a read through. I also encourage those leaving to read through the ToS to their new internet homes. You're going to find a lot of the same stuff, just worded a little differently. Personally, I don't think the new LJ ToS is a reason to leave, and yes I completely understand that some people are leaving for different reasons, but the new ToS was the last straw for them.

[livejournal.com profile] fiorenza_a did a brilliant job of going through the new ToS and simplifying the legalize.
I encourage everyone to give these posts a read through.
Part One
Part Two

And [livejournal.com profile] naemi has also gone through it and does a great job discussing it HERE

A word on the challenges:
I do intend to continue to run the challenges here at LJ. However, I do have a few mirror communities set up at DW. As of yet, I've done nothing with any of them. The main challenges I run are the NCIS Big Bang, NCIS Reverse Bang and the NCIS SeSa (secret Santa). Last year I ran a Happy Holidays Advent challenge, so that may be back. The SeSa is primarily run through AO3. That's where you sign up, and where stories are posted. The LJ comm is where I post schedules, notices and master lists. For the others, I will likely continue to run the claims at LJ. Having permanent accounts here gives me plenty of space to host artwork. However, if anyone is leaving LJ and still wants to participate in the challenges, feel free to join the mirror comms at DW. One of these days I may even post something over there. *G*

And lastly, I do have a DW from years ago, but I don't use it. It's primarily an archive for my fan fic. I'm simply Jacie over there. However, I've posted my email here and there, so many of you probably have it (if you don't, and you want it, please PM me). Feel free to keep in touch via email.

Feel free to post below if you're staying or going (or both? I know some post at both LJ and DW). It's nice to know rather than wonder months later why someone hasn't posted or commented for a while. Feel free to email me if you're leaving, but want to stay in touch.
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2017-01-02 10:04 am
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My top stories on AO3 2016

I don't know why I love statistics so much. I totally blame this on my brothers who were forever reading and discussing baseball stats. I find it interesting what is or is not read and what does or does not get comments and kudos. I also find it interesting that the top hits and top kudos lists don't always match.

Yeah, I know the tag says top 10, but I tend to go a little beyond that. It still includes the top 10! LOL

Top 15 AO3 NCIS stories based on Kudos: )

Top 17 AO3 PopSlash stories based on Kudos: )
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2016-10-30 09:01 am

Busy fandom times!

The 2016 Masterlist for the Big Bang/Multi Bang has been posted at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_bang.

Sign-ups will open shortly for the 2017 Reverse Bang at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_bang.

Sign-ups have closed and assignments have gone out for this year's NCIS Secret Santa. On 25 Dec, we expect to have 14 shiny new stories posted (at AO3), and linked at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_sesa.

There is also a 2-part Holiday Challenge this year hosted at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_discuss. There is no need to sign up to participate.

Part one, you can request your Holiday Wishes, and someone else can fulfill these with artwork or stories. Or you can fulfill Holiday Wishes for others.

Part two is a theme challenge. Each day Dec 1-24 will have a different theme. If you create something around one of the themes, you may post it (or post a link) to the community on the assigned theme day.
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2016-09-17 07:43 am

Imzy is 1

About a month ago, I got an invite to Imzy. I knew it was still in beta mode, but didn't know exactly how long it had been going. Now I know! They consider Sept 15 their start date, so Imzy is now a year old and growing by leaps and bounds. Although my comms over there seem to have even less activity than the LJ counterparts at this point. I'm still hopeful for more activity.

I still have a plenty of invites if anyone is interested. I will need your email address if you want an invite. Or you can go sign up through one of my communities.

There are some very active communities over there. It seems like the more general communities go over better than the specific communities. They have been reporting a huge growth in members and communities so it's kind of neat to be in at this early stage.

https://www.imzy.com/ncis - general discussion
https://www.imzy.com/ncis_fanfic - to link or discuss fanfic

Link about Imzy
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2016-08-09 05:18 am
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NSync celebrates JC's 40th birthday!

Nice pic of NSync gathering for JC's 40th birthday.

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2016-05-20 06:08 pm
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New icon

New icon because some of us could really use a good Gibbs/DiNozzo hug right about now!
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2016-04-24 07:31 am
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Pimping: New Fandom Community!

[livejournal.com profile] art_my_fic is a place where writers can ask for help from artists, or artists can offer their help to writers.

This is multi-fandom, so all are welcome.

Please spread the word to any fandom artists or authors who may be interested. This is the sort of community that will only work with participation, so we need members to make this happen.
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2016-03-26 11:30 am
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Now this?

First Tony leaves NCIS, now Morgan is leaving the BAU? *sniffles*
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2016-02-18 04:50 am
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Hell's Kitchen

Hmmm, I usually do this post way earlier, LOL. I didn't even know the season had started until I stumbled over it on week 2.

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2016-01-23 03:39 pm

(no subject)

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rose_malmaison for creating the beautiful artwork for The Cabin Christmas Story !

christmas Cabin med
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2016-01-13 04:34 pm


Problems, Problems and more Problems. That's about it.

Is LJ messed up for anyone else? My security drop down is gone, so I can't lock posts. And the drop down to read messages or log out is also gone. I can't respond to PMs or log out to log in on my other journal.

I see that other people have reported the same issues, but I don't see any fixes in place.
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2016-01-10 09:17 am
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Many thanks [livejournal.com profile] k9lasko for my SeSa story, Wishes and Horses . It's a lovely story with patient Gibbs taking care of hurt Tony. I love that Tony's road to healing involves a horse. It also has a fabulous original character as Tony's riding instructor.

The NCIS SeSa is a little different than most, where we can leave multiple requests for our Secret Santa to choose from. One of my requests was for a story involving horses and this one hit the spot!

The story I wrote this year was It All Started With A Burrito . I am so thrilled that we had no drop outs this year. I think this was the first challenge I've ever participated in that had no drop outs! High fives to everyone!
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2016-01-10 07:43 am
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My top stories on AO3 2015

I don't know why I love statistics so much. I totally blame this on my brothers who were forever reading and discussing baseball stats. I find it interesting what is or is not read and what does or does not get comments and kudos. I also find it interesting that the top hits and top kudos lists don't always match.

Top 13 AO3 NCIS stories based on Kudos: )

Top 11 AO3 PopSlash stories based on Kudos: )
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2015-12-28 08:40 pm
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December meme: Day 28

And for our final December ramble:

December 28
Todays topic brought to you by: [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28
What's the best thing you read in 2015? (Can be fic, or something published, or whatever!)

I have a handful of favorite books I like to take along when I travel or simply need something to read. This year's favorite was a book called Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams. This was Tad's first published book. I understand that he had some successful novels after this, but I wasn't able to get into them, sad to say. But this one I loved. One reviewer called it the Watership Downs of the cat world. I would highly recommend this to cat lovers. So, although I've read it before, this was my favorite thing I read this year.

As far as fanfic, my favorite of the year turned out to be the last story that I read this year. As part of NCIS SeSa, the author is still anonymous until Jan 10. However, it was well written and quite interesting. Also not like any other story I've read before. It's always nice to read a story with a different twist to it. And, it's not even my favorite pairing! This is a Tony/Tim story, where they are an established pair. Then a woman comes along and decides to get Tim out of the way so she can have Tony for herself. Evil witch! Both Tim and Tony have a rough time in this one, doubting themselves and their relationship. It is Stolen Life.

Thank you and everyone else for playing this year!