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I did set up some mirror accounts for my communities over at DW a while ago.

I've had a DW jounrnal since 2011, but only use it as an archive for my fanfic. I've yet to decide about anything else. I am "Jacie" over there, but again, it is only an archive for my fanfic at this time. However, you can also find all of my NCIS comms there, by going to my Jacie profile.

While I intend to remain here at LJ, and mainly run the communities from here, I don't want people to feel they can no longer participate in the NCIS challenges because they're moving to DW. Please note, art claims will continue to be run from Live Journal.

If interested, these are my communities at DW. There is currently little to no activity there right now. I don't have a lot of spare time, so they likely will not be as updated as the LJ communities.

Just to be clear, these are (sort of) mirror communities over at DW -

NCIS_bigbang: will have posts about the NCIS Big Bang Challenge

NCIS_reversebang: will have posts about the NCIS Reverse Bang Challenge

NCIS_sesa: will have posts about the NCIS Secret Santa (which is really on AO3 - so you do need an AO3 account to participate)

NCIS_discuss: where you're welcome to post discussions...or pretty much anything NCIS related

NCIS_campfire: I use the LJ journal as a sort of newsletter. Not sure what I'll do with this one. A Newsletter is A LOT of work, and I don't think those going to DW really want a page that links everything back to LJ.

NCIS_bang: Since the Big Bang and Reverse Bangs now have their own communities (at DW only), I'm probably just going to use this to post Master Lists for both challenges.

NCIS_challenge: I'm thinking of hosting the DW version of the NCIS Happy Holidays Advent Challenge here.

I mentioned I had "Jacie" over at DW for several years now, as a backup for my fanfic. I've now also picked up "Jacieleigh" as a backup for my personal journal. I still intend to make LJ my main journal, but if anything happens, if they decide to delete me, or LJ goes away, I wanted to have a place ready to go.
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