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Once again, there are several people leaving LJ. This makes me sad, of course. LJ has been my internet home for over a decade. I have tried other formats/sites, but really don't care for them. I also have permanent accounts (with extras) here and am comfortable with the formatting. Like some others, I intend to stay until they kick me out. LOL

LJ is my internet home and if I want to continue to play here, I have to play nice with the new landlords. We don't need to agree with Russian laws or views to stay. LJ is just a blogging site. The servers have been moved to Russia. There are worse places they could be. I'm all for leaving the politics out of it, and using it for non-political things.

I don't think there is any evil intent here, just the new Russian owners complying with Russian laws (which they have to do), since Russia is where the servers now sit.

There has been a lot said about the new ToS. LJ was sold a long time ago. And yes, I think we can all agree that the sudden pop-up of click now and agree, or be gone, was not the kindest, gentlest, nicest way to introduce the new ToS, and it has spurred fear and anger. However, from what I've seen, it isn't all that different than other ToS online. Yes, I suppose our use of LJ is now under Russian law, but who do you really think Russians are more concerned with: Russians or non-Russians?

You have to agree to the ToS for pretty much any online site that you use. They're all pretty similar. Most people don't know because, seriously, who actually reads through them all? It's just legalize to cover their asses. They've re-written it, sure. It's been translated, of course. I don't see anything all that outlandish.

If you're into fanfic though, I would advise setting your journal to "adult only" just to cover your own ass, and label posts "adult only" if you post to a community that is not set to "adult only" (I believe it will say on the profile page). After all, we just need to make sure the little kidlings aren't getting into adult material. Whether you post fic here, link it, or only discuss it, I would still use the "adult only" setting (you can set each post to "adult only").

To remain or leave is a personal decision. I support and respect everyone's rights to make their own decision, and do what they feel is best for themselves. Of course, I would love to see people stay, or at least keep their LJ active to participate in challenges. But I understand if people feel it's their time to go.

Anyway, there are others who have a better handle on this and say things far more eloquently than I do. I do encourage everyone to give a read through. I also encourage those leaving to read through the ToS to their new internet homes. You're going to find a lot of the same stuff, just worded a little differently. Personally, I don't think the new LJ ToS is a reason to leave, and yes I completely understand that some people are leaving for different reasons, but the new ToS was the last straw for them.

[livejournal.com profile] fiorenza_a did a brilliant job of going through the new ToS and simplifying the legalize.
I encourage everyone to give these posts a read through.
Part One
Part Two

And [livejournal.com profile] naemi has also gone through it and does a great job discussing it HERE

A word on the challenges:
I do intend to continue to run the challenges here at LJ. However, I do have a few mirror communities set up at DW. As of yet, I've done nothing with any of them. The main challenges I run are the NCIS Big Bang, NCIS Reverse Bang and the NCIS SeSa (secret Santa). Last year I ran a Happy Holidays Advent challenge, so that may be back. The SeSa is primarily run through AO3. That's where you sign up, and where stories are posted. The LJ comm is where I post schedules, notices and master lists. For the others, I will likely continue to run the claims at LJ. Having permanent accounts here gives me plenty of space to host artwork. However, if anyone is leaving LJ and still wants to participate in the challenges, feel free to join the mirror comms at DW. One of these days I may even post something over there. *G*

And lastly, I do have a DW from years ago, but I don't use it. It's primarily an archive for my fan fic. I'm simply Jacie over there. However, I've posted my email here and there, so many of you probably have it (if you don't, and you want it, please PM me). Feel free to keep in touch via email.

Feel free to post below if you're staying or going (or both? I know some post at both LJ and DW). It's nice to know rather than wonder months later why someone hasn't posted or commented for a while. Feel free to email me if you're leaving, but want to stay in touch.
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