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Hmmm, I usually do this post way earlier, LOL. I didn't even know the season had started until I stumbled over it on week 2.

For the ladies, I liked Dannie starting off, but I'm starting not to like her as well. I'm not sure she's really a strong leader as it seems she lets personal feelings get in the way. She seemed to take an instant dislike to Hassan when he was moved to the red kitchen and I think it weakened both of them. I used to work in a kitchen and to be successful, you have to put personal feelings aside and work toward a common goal. If you can't do that, there will be problems. Especially for a manager or lead chef, you have to learn to work with everyone and get the best from everyone.

I liked Ariel early on, too, and she seems to be growing and improving. I'm can see her in the final 6.

Jackie is a lot of fun to me. Sometimes I think they keep certain people around longer just because they make the show more interesting. Past participants who were annoying to their teammates were often really annoying to me. But Jackie is fun to me. She actually reminds me a bit of one of my old friends. I don't think she's that strong of a chef and would be surprised if she made the final 6.

Vanessa seemed very nice, but lost in the kitchen. I wasn't surprised that Meese and Sherkenna were early cuts. They both seemed to be in over their heads. I'm starting to like Manda a little more.

For the men, Hassan was my favorite after the first show or two. And he's my overall favorite. I'd like to see him win. I think he's really strong and I could definitely see him as a lead chef. He has demonstrated that he does have leadership skills and cooking talent. He's had a couple stumbles on the red team, but I'm rooting for him. I will be surprised if he's not in the final 6.

Chad comes off as a strong chef, too. I can see him in the final 6.

A few shows in, I started liking Alan and was sorry to see him go. There are others I would have liked to see leave before him. I really want to like Frank. Sometimes I do, sometimes, not so much. I thought Eddie was sort of fun, but thought he thought he was a better cook than he really was. He was the latest one to be sent home.

It's almost funny that the ones who get cut go off saying the chef made a huge mistake cutting them. And usually, I agree with the chef that it was time for them to go. Many over-inflated egos. I always wonder if they watch the series when it airs, and if they can see that they are clearly NOT that strong of a chef, especially compared to some of the others. Although, I'm sure there is a lot of footage that is never aired, so the viewers really aren't getting the full picture. But that's show business.
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