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I don't know why I love statistics so much. I totally blame this on my brothers who were forever reading and discussing baseball stats. I find it interesting what is or is not read and what does or does not get comments and kudos. I also find it interesting that the top hits and top kudos lists don't always match.

Top 13 AO3 NCIS stories based on Kudos:

1) SOLD! with 470 kudos, WIP (started in 2010) [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This continues to hold the #1 slot. It's hard to believe I started writing this one back in 2010 and it's still a work in process, although it is moving along. This has far more hits, kudos, comments and everything else than anything else I have posted over at AO3 (probably at LJ, too!). While I was first writing it, I thought it was far too Tony-centric for most people to enjoy, but it does seem rather popular. It's a Gibbs/DiNozzo where there isn't much more than brief mentions of Gibbs for the first 20 chapters. With 6 chapters added this in 2015, it is now up to chapter 57. I do hope to get it wrapped up this year!

2) Call Me Tony with 182 kudos, 09/10/13 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This was also #2 last year. This one is my second entry for the 2013 NCIS Big Bang. It was one of 2 bunnies that kept bugging me all summer while I was trying to write my Big Bang story. A couple weeks after finishing my first story, I began writing this one. It was written in 3 days. It was never intended to be a Big Bang story. I originally thought it would wind up being 3000-5000 words, but it kept growing and once it topped the 10,000 minimum WC for the Big Bang, I figured why not? This one has Tony working undercover when Gibbs takes a fancy to him. First time/first meeting fic.

3) Pencis: When Tony Met Jethro with 151 kudos, 08/09/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This one is my second entry for the 2014 NCIS Big Bang. Like Call Me Tony in 2013, this was just a bunny that was bugging me. It came to me quickly and was written over 3 days. Since it wound up over 10K words, it became a Big Bang story. This is different take on how Tony and Gibbs meet. Gibbs is a Marine and Tony is a teenager who was kidnapped by terrorists while traveling with his father in the Middle East. This one has jumped up from the #10 spot last year.

4) The White Room with 143 kudos, 12/01/13 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This was #3 last year. This was the other bunny bugging me over the summer as I was trying to write my Big Bang story. I'm both amused and surprised these 2 bunnies developed into stories that are now #2 and #4 in kudos! I never know how the darker fic will go over, but this seems to be a popular one! This has Tony being kidnapped and eventually finding fellow kidnap victim Gibbs. Another first time/first meeting fic.

5) The Contract with 141 kudos, 08/10/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
Written for 2014 NCIS Big Bang, hosted by [livejournal.com profile] ncis_bang. Like Playing Those Mind Games Forever the year before, I really struggled with this one. Tony's dad is forced to sign over custody of Tony to a friend to cover gambling debts. Tony is released, but one day the man comes back intending to reclaim him. This was tied for 5th place last year with Never Again (which has slipped to #11 on the list).

6) The Cabin Christmas Story with 119 kudos, 11/15/2015 (posted 12/22/2015) [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This one amazingly jumped into my top 10 list within one week of being posted! I was totally stunned by that! It is my 2015 story with the most kudos (but not the most hits). I was really struggling with my [livejournal.com profile] ncis_sesa this year. This is the story my muse wanted to write. I finally gave in and wrote this, but held onto it in case we had a drop out Santa and no Back-up Santa to claim it. Since this was Gibbs/DiNozzo and had a bit of holiday cheer in it, I figured it would work for a few of the requests. As it turned out, no one dropped out this year. YAY! Why didn't I use this for my SeSa? Because my recipient wanted a different pairing (DiNozzo/McGee) and had other requests. However, IF I had pulled a recipient who had requested a Gibbs/DiNozzo holiday themed story, they would have gotten this. I had a brief thought that IF my Santa had dropped out, I might have to use this as a story for me, LOL! No one would ever guess that I had written it, if I was the recipient! Tony agrees to spend Christmas with Gibbs at the cabin. When Tony fails to return from a walk on a snowy day, Gibbs goes out to search for him.

7) Capes And Collars with 115 kudos, 05/03/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This is the sequel of One Night Can Change Everything . Gibbs decides to make Tony his own. This has jumped up from #9 last year.

8) One Night Can Change Everything with 113 kudos, 04/19/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This one dropped from #4 last year. It was my 2014 story that received the most hits and kudos that year. I thought it would be kind of fun to match Tony up with Fornell, then have a jealous Gibbs steal him away.

9) A Cock By Any Other Name… 111 kudos, 12/27/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
Making its debut on the top 10 list! I must blame this one on [livejournal.com profile] rose_malmaison. The story is dedicated to her and was inspired by one of her posts about what you call the male appendage. It's mostly Tony teasing Tim, which is a scenario I never get bored with. I love mischievous Tony and embarrassed Tim. Such a good combination! This one was a lot of fun to write.

10) Rest And Vine 108 kudos, 04/26/15 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This is my only other 2015 to make and appearance in the top 10 and has the most hits of my 2015 stories. It was written for the 2015 Reverse Bang Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_bang and features artwork by [livejournal.com profile] evian_fork. I hadn't signed up to write for this challenge. When I first saw the artwork, this was the one piece that immediately inspired a story. The artwork said "Bed & Breakfast" to me. After all the other authors made their choices, this was the one piece of art that hadn't been claimed. It seemed that I was meant to write my B & B story after all. With it being an obvious AU, I used Ellie, Kate and Ziva in the story, as well as both Jenny and Vance. Most of the NCIS characters (including Gibbs) have found jobs at the B & B, which is run by the Fornells. Tony is, of course, the handsome stranger with the red Mustang who begins a relationship with handyman/chef Gibbs.

11) Never Again with 105 kudos, 07/28/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
This story slipped from its tie for 5th last year. It was written for the September Fan Appreciation Month over at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_discuss. At 679 words, it's one of the shortest stories I've ever written. It is my shortest NCIS story. It really surprised me how well it went over. Fornell finds out Gibbs and Tony are together.

12) Smitten with 96 kudos, 08/31/14 [Gibbs/DiNozzo]
Slipping from the #7 slot last year, this one was also written for written for the September Fan Appreciation Month over at [livejournal.com profile] ncis_discuss. It was really meant for the January Fan Appreciation Month. I had started two stories for the January challenge and didn't get either one done in time. The other was Mortal . It seems that it's more common for Gibbs to be so fascinated by Tony that he gives up women and goes after him. I thought it would be fun to write a story the other way around, where Tony has a crush on Gibbs and decides to give it a shot.

13) Wishes, Fishes, Nightmares and Dreams with 94 kudos, 09/09/12 [DiNozzo/McGee]
This is a dark story that I started posting over to LJ, maybe the first 2-3 chapters. After there was absolutely no feedback, I locked the story, thinking it must be crappy. Usually my NCIS stories get at least one comment. No one ever asked why it was taken down (locked) or said they were reading and waiting for another chapter, so I finished it, but left it locked. At some point, I decided to post it to AO3 to see what people there thought, and was surprised at the number of hits and kudos it has received (although only 1 comment *G*). It is a very dark story with Tim and Tony being taken captive by a human trafficking ring. They are tortured and raped. Notably, it is my DiNozzo/McGee story with the most hits and most kudos and also was the first time I wrote this pairing.

I was sad to see Where The Heart Takes You slip further. It was #15 last year and only #22 now. *sniff sniff* (one of my personal favorites, *G*). Historical AUs just aren't really popular, so this is not unexpected. I'm sure it will continue to slip.

Top 11 AO3 PopSlash stories based on Kudos:

It's interesting to see the change in the kudos for these older stories. I've only moved about 1/3 of my PopSlash stories over to AO3, so 2/3s of the stories don't even have a chance to make the list at this point. When I first started posted the older stories to AO3, I had several with only 1-2 kudos. It's nice to see a few of them slowly breaking out of the pack. I started by posting my favorites over there, but if any PopSlash fans have a favorite of mine that isn't on AO3, please let me know. I'd be happy to move any of them over. It's just not a priority.

1) The Bassk Club 17 kudos, 12/22/03
[Multiple pairings, includes: Chris/Justin, JC/Lance, Lance/Justin, Joey/Justin, (implied) Chris/Joey, JC/Joey]
This jumped up from 5 kudos to 17, and went from being tied for 1st to the #1 story by itself. This was the 4th fandom story I ever wrote. I'm actually surprised to see it having the most kudos. It did not make my list of Author's favorites, LOL. Lance runs a kink club and purchases Justin and Lance from a pimp.

2) Chris' Cave 12 kudos, 12/18/03
[Multiple pairings, includes: Chris/Joey, Chris/JC, Chris/Justin, JC/Justin, JC/Joey, Lance/Justin, Joey/Justin]
In 2014, this was the #1 story, last year it was tied for 1st. This was my first ever fan fic written. I always thought it would be my favorite. It may still be my favorite popslash story, but one of my NCIS stories has taken over my favorite fan fic slot. It's an AU (as most of my popslash is). Maybe it's futuristic. Sort of a cave man thing only much more thoughtful and articulate. Primitive society where young men are thrown out of their clans once they show signs of becoming mature (or at least sexually mature). Five young men find each other and begin a bachelor clan of their own.

3) Lion Around 7 kudos, 10/19/08 [Chris/JC]
This remains in #3 from last year. This story is also near and dear to my heart. It's one of the few stories I have that ever won an award and it won two for the 2008 Pop!Tober Challenge, Best Love Story and Reader's Choice . One of my favorite things about it is that it comes full circle. I'm not one that plans my stories out much, nor do I do much editing. I start writing and whatever comes out is what you get. I'm surprised how often the perfect ending just comes to me. I absolutely love how this one turned out. JC is heartbroken when Chris leaves him, but finds his heart through a plushie lion Chris gave him.

4-6 Tied with 6 kudos each:

Mighty Wind 6 kudos, 03/16/04
[Multiple pairings, includes: Chris/Joey, Chris/JC, Chris/Justin, JC/Lance, JC/Justin, JC/Joey, Lance/Justin, Joey/Justin]
This is the sequel to Chris' Cave . I love it almost as much as it's predecessor. In this one, I like the growth & development of Lance. He changes from a shy kid into a leader & a hunter, able to stand up for himself & care for others. And of course, I love the horses! And Justin finally gets to see his mom again. And I love Chris' dedication, really how dedicated they all are, to JC.

Hidden In Plain View 6 kudos, 03/05/05 [JC/Justin, Lance/Joey]
I like the whole atmosphere in this one, the tenderness, the vulnerability. And Lance & Joey *sneaking* around together *G*.

The Proof Isn’t Always In The Pudding 6 kudos, 12/11/07 [JC/Lance, Brian/Nick]
Written for 2007 MTYG PopSlash SeSa. It is my first PopSlash SeSa story to make this list. The most notable thing to me is that, I don't know anything, really, about BSB beyond their names. I actually did a lot of research to try to get them right in this. I think it turned out pretty well. College AU meets murder mystery.

7-11 Tied with 4 kudos each:

Roadways 4 kudos, 02/19/04 [Chris/JC]
Another one of my favorites. Probably one of my better written popslash stories. Chris picks up two hitchhikers, JC and Lance, while on his way to California.

Sunshine, Dreams And Unseen Things 4 kudos, 03/23/04 [Chris/JC]
This is the sequel to Roadways . I had originally thought of doing a third installment, but never did. I guess too many other bunnies got in the way!

Thanksgiving: TrickC Style 4 kudos, 11/24/05 [Chris/JC]
The third (and final) story in the Thankful Series. Another favorite of mine. Very sweet Chris.

Timberlake Café 4 kudos, 12/18/03 [JC/Lance, JC/Chris, JC/Justin]
This one was my 2nd ever completed fandom story. Lance thinks he’s in a relationship with JC, but learns the truth when they both end up working together at the Timberlake Café. JC is a slut.

Come To Me 4 kudos, 12/18/05 [JC/Justin]
This story makes its first appearance on the list! It was written for the 2005 MTYG PopSlash SeSa and is my second PopSlash SeSa story to make this list. I remember putting in a lot of time and effort into this story. JC/Justin isn't one of my favorite pairings, but I thought I did a pretty good job with this one. I do remember being really upset that while my recipient was posting to her personal journal before the reveal, I never heard from her until after the author reveal. I don't even remember if she commented at all on the story. I only remember that she said she hoped I wasn't bummed out that I hadn't heard from her before the reveal. Well, yes, actually I was very disappointed! Justin gets jealous, JC disappears, Justin worries.

I thought I'd check my personal favorites against this list, just for fun. 5 of my top 10 made this list and 8 of my top 24 (Author's Favorites).

Sad to say, a few of my favorites got stuck with only 2-3 kudos and dropped off the list this year. We'll see what 2016 brings!
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