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And for our final December ramble:

December 28
Todays topic brought to you by: [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28
What's the best thing you read in 2015? (Can be fic, or something published, or whatever!)

I have a handful of favorite books I like to take along when I travel or simply need something to read. This year's favorite was a book called Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams. This was Tad's first published book. I understand that he had some successful novels after this, but I wasn't able to get into them, sad to say. But this one I loved. One reviewer called it the Watership Downs of the cat world. I would highly recommend this to cat lovers. So, although I've read it before, this was my favorite thing I read this year.

As far as fanfic, my favorite of the year turned out to be the last story that I read this year. As part of NCIS SeSa, the author is still anonymous until Jan 10. However, it was well written and quite interesting. Also not like any other story I've read before. It's always nice to read a story with a different twist to it. And, it's not even my favorite pairing! This is a Tony/Tim story, where they are an established pair. Then a woman comes along and decides to get Tim out of the way so she can have Tony for herself. Evil witch! Both Tim and Tony have a rough time in this one, doubting themselves and their relationship. It is Stolen Life.

Thank you and everyone else for playing this year!
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