Jul. 16th, 2017

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The friends/subscription thing here at DW seems to be pretty confusing. Adding to that, f-lists only go back for 2-weeks. Meaning, I've subscribed to people who haven't subscribed back - and/or haven't approved my subscription. People I've talked to about this are finding DW's access/subscription thing a bit confusing.

For instance, it's imported names from LJ, but what does that mean? Do people from LJ have access over here? It doesn't seem to be, so I'm not sure what the point is. Not everyone has the same names on LJ as DW. For instance, on LJ my personal journal is Solariana, on DW it is JacieLeigh. On LJ my fanfic journal is Jacie3, on DW it is Jacie. So how are people supposed to find me? And how am I supposed to find them? I can't find a decent search engine at DW for that.

I'm also finding it pretty impossible to find people on DW. I've found a handful of communities, but they aren't very active. I'm doing my best to start an NCIS fandom presence here at DW (I'm running 9 communities - all noted on my profile page), but would love to see more posting/commenting from OTHER people.

Anyway, I'm just curious as to who can see this on DW. I'm trying to gauge if there is a reason for me to post or read over here on any sort of a regular basis.

As of the time I posted this, I don't see that anyone has commented to my journal here at DW. I only see comments that were imported from LJ. I don't really see a reason to post here if no one is reading here.

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